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How To Secure A Rental Property

Identify a Property to Rent

Prospective Tenants should view any Property they wish to consider whereafter they can submit an application to rent.

All Properties are available on Assured Shorthold Agreements for a minimum of six months. Longer periods can be agreed by separate negotiation.


Fees for Tenants

Under new legislation, we are not permitted to charge fees to Tenants unless the Tenancy is a Non-Housing Act Tenancy, e.g. a Company Tenancy. Therefore, we advise that you visit our ‘Fees for Tenants’ page which outlines exactly what charges will be applied when renting a Property.


As Letting Agents we will require references, via a referencing agency, from prospective Tenants’ employers, bankers and, where relevant, previous Landlords, before agreeing to a rental.

Please note that the referencing agency requires Tenants to earn 30 x 1 month’s rent between them to rent a Property (e.g. 30 x £600pcm = £18,000p.a.)

All applicants must be over 18 years of age and in permanent employment or in the event they are not employed, must be willing to provide a Guarantor willing to be referenced or pay all of the rent for the duration of the Tenancy in advance, in addition to the agreed security deposit.

If you have a poor credit history, any unresolved CCJ’s, are a student, or if you are in temporary employment or unemployed, you will need a Guarantor. The Guarantor will also be referenced and will also be named on the Tenancy Agreement and be required to sign the Tenancy Agreement. If a Guarantor cannot be provided, the Tenant can choose to pay rent in advance; however this is subject to the Landlord’s approval.


All applicants (including prospective Tenants, Permitted Occupiers and Guarantors) will be required to produce identification before a Tenancy is completed. For further information about the required identification you will be expected to provide to rent a property through Thornley Groves, please click the button below!

Secure Your Chosen Rental Property and Remove It From the Market

Once an agreement is reached with the Landlord and you are happy and in agreement with the Notification of Letting, a document that confirms all the terms of your proposed Tenancy, you will be required to pay a holding deposit/reservation fee to proceed with your Tenancy application. The reservation amount will be equivalent to the cost of 1 week's rent.

This payment is a non-refundable payment and will be forfeited should the applicant withdraw their application, fail the referencing process, provide false or misleading information in respect of their application, or is not in a position to complete the Tenancy on or before the agreed date as detailed in the Notification of Letting. If the Landlord withdraws from the Letting for any other reason than those previously stated, the holding deposit/reservation fees will be refundable within 7 days. Assuming the application to rent proceeds to a successful conclusion, these monies will form part of the first month’s rental payment.

For those applicants who elect not to pay the holding deposit/reservation fee, the application and referencing process will not begin and the applicant will be advised by the Letting Consultant and/or the Letting Administrator that the property will remain available to the open market for viewings and may risk an alternative applicant being considered by the Landlord.



Properties are offered for rent either fully furnished or not furnished, but the latter Properties usually have at least carpets and curtains. However, the degree to which Properties are furnished can vary dramatically, and prospective Tenants should be encouraged to discuss their specific requirements as to whether they are seeking a fully furnished or non furnished property.

In certain instances Landlords may be prepared to provide additional items of furniture or appliances.


An inventory will be prepared by either the Landlord or an Inventory Clerk detailing the fixtures and fittings in the Property together with their condition. You will be required to sign a Schedule of Condition confirming that you agree with the inventory and the comments regarding condition. This inventory will also be used at the check-out to assess any damage or dilapidations to the Property. With allowances made for fair wear and tear, any damage noted or cleaning required will be charged to the outgoing Tenant. It is therefore strongly advised that you check through the inventory carefully and ensure that you are in agreement with it.
Upon receipt of the inventory you will be given 48 hours to make any further comments. If we do not hear back from you within this time it will be assumed that you are in agreement with the comments in the inventory.

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Household Bills / Expenses

All Tenancies are exclusive of utility bills, water rates, gas, electric, Council Tax, telephone charges, TV licence and a Tenant’s own personal effects/contents insurance (unless otherwise stated) and Tenants will be responsible for payment. Where Thornley Groves manage a Property, we will advise the various suppliers of your occupancy; however Tenants must contact the suppliers in order to set up an account and to arrange for payment.

Thornley Groves is unable to undertake the transfer /connection of telephone services. If the Property does not have a telephone line, permission must be obtained in writing from the Landlord (via Thornley Groves if managed) before arranging the installation. The managing agent or Landlord must be advised of the landline number provided.

The Landlord is responsible for the buildings insurance together with any Landlord’s contents insurance. Any ground or chief rent is also the responsibility of the Landlord. In the case of flats or apartments, any maintenance/management/service charge will be the responsibility of the Landlord unless otherwise stated.

Please visit the appropriate Council website for the most recent Council Tax Bandings. A single occupant may qualify for a 25% discount.


Garden maintenance will usually be the responsibility of the Tenant unless otherwise stated.


Payment of Rent

Rent is payable monthly and in advance. Tenants will be required to establish a standing order arrangement with the Landlord or managing agent’s bank.

Domestic Pets

Landlords who permit pets will be required to advertise their properties to say that Pets are Permitted. If you are a Tenant with a pet, these properties will be subject to a higher monthly rent, and therefore we require all Tenants to disclose whether they have pets during the Application Process.



Smoking is not permitted in a Property.

Faults and Repairs

You will be informed at the start of your Tenancy who will be managing the Property and given contact details. Many Landlords have service contracts and preferred contractors. If the Landlord is managing the Property, any maintenance issues must be reported direct to the Landlord. Failure to do so may mean that you are liable for any deterioration or damage resulting from any delay. You must not instruct a contractor to undertake any work – if you do it will be at your own expense.

For information on how to contact your Property Manager and how to report a problem or fault click the button below:

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