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Need to send a complaint?

The Thornley Groves Complaints Procedure exists to ensure...

  • All complaints are thoroughly investigated
  • A number of professionals are consulted to ensure impartiality in the response provided
  • The complainant is aware of how their complaint will be dealt with and by whom

At Thornley Groves, complaints are responded to slightly differently in each department (for example, Sales, Lettings and Property Management). This is to ensure the best outcome is achieved for all parties and, the most relevant Managers/Directors hear and respond to your complaint. Please find below an overview of our Complaints Procedure but, please do contact us if you wish to receive a copy of the Complaints Procedure that will be followed whilst investigating your complaint.


If a complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved by the person the complainant was dealing with, the matter can be brought to the attention of the Manager in the form of an email or letter. The Manager will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days of receiving the complaint.

The complaint will be investigated and the Manager will provide a formal response within 10 working days of receiving the complaint. This will often be in writing, but may involve some telephone discussion to ensure the best outcome is achieved. The final outcome will always be provided in writing.


If the matter is not resolved after a response has been provided by the Manager, the complainant should bring the matter to the attention of the Director.

Please note: The Director will not consider a complaint until the Manager has responded to the complaint in full. If the Director does not feel that Stage 1 has been exhausted, your complaint could be passed back to the Manager before going into Stage 2.

The Company’s final response will be provided within a further 3 working days. If you are still not satisfied after the last stage of the internal complaints procedure (or more than 8 weeks has elapsed since the complaint was first made) you can request an independent review from The Property Ombudsman without charge.

Our teams at Thornley Groves always do their very best to deliver the highest levels of service to all customers in every situation but, we are only human and from time to time things won’t always go to plan.

If we haven't hit the mark this time and you'd like to make a complaint then we're genuinely sorry that's the case but, we are keen to listen and resolve any problems you may have as quickly and efficiently as we can.

By completing the form below, we are hoping if at all possible, that it will allow us to resolve your complaint without it having to be escalated and negate the need for lengthy formal written responses. Please bear in mind that submissions are only dealt with between a Monday and a Friday.


Completing and submitting the form below does not begin the official Complaints Procedure, but will register your initial enquiry.

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