February 8, 2017 3:50 pm
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Often when a maintenance issue pops up, it feels like the world stands still. But just take a moment before panicking and, ask yourself: “Is it really an emergency?”

We are obviously here to help you sort it out as soon as possible. However, if a problem occurs outside of normal working hours or during the weekend, then we might not be able to help on the same day. Therefore, it’s important to know what is considered an emergency and should be reported immediately even if we are closed and, what can wait until we are next available. Below is a list of incidents that are considered an “emergency”:

A gas leak

A breakdown or failure of gas, water or electricity to the property

A breakdown or failure of an essential service e.g. cooker

Fire, flooding and storm damage

Broken boiler (no heating/hot water)

Serious water leak

Blocked drains or toilet (when there is only one in the property)

Unsafe electrical fittings

Serious roof leak

Insecure external doors, windows or locks

At any time in case of EMERGENCY the following numbers may be useful:

Gas Leak – National Grid on 0800 111 999

Fire Service & Police (EMERGENCY) – 999

Break ins – Police (non-emergency) on 101

Should you experience a situation where your property is unsecure (i.e., due to a break-in attempt) please contact the following:

In case of a broken window – Manchester Glass on 0161 292 8444

In case of broken locks – Pro-Locks on 07766 135 960

Lost Keys – We suggest to Google a 24-hour Locksmith near you, HOWEVER, you may wish to save money and sleep at a friend’s house until we reopen as we will have a set of keys.

If your issue is not listed as an emergency above then please  report the fault on our website: http://www.thornleygroves.co.uk/report-a-fault/ and we will make sure to help you as soon as we can.

Also, just so that you are aware:

Tenants requiring an EMERGENCY REPAIR outside of our opening hours may wish to organise it themselves, subject to the following statement, as detailed on our website, http://www.thornleygroves.co.uk/important-information-about-your-tenancy/

NOTE – Tenants are reminded that the costs for any repairs they arrange will need to be approved by the Property Management Department before the costs can be deducted from rent or reimbursed to Tenants. By instructing your own repairs prior to obtaining this consent (even through our approved contractor) you run the risk of not being reimbursed if the Landlord concludes the cost of the repairs are excessive or that the Landlord is not liable for them.

 We hope this clears it up for Landlords and Tenants. If you are still confused then feel free to call us, we will be happy to answer any of your questions!

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