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Landlord’s Statement Guide

Have you received a Landlord’s statement?

Need help understanding it?
Use our guide below to learn about each section of the statement


 Opening Balance
This is the balance carried forward on the landlord’s account from the previous statement.


The income section shows income received. For overseas landlords, it will also show any tax credits.


This section shows expenditure that has been deducted from income, such as management fees, supplier invoices, and withheld tax.


 Landlord’s Payments
This section shows payments that have been made to the landlord’s bank account.


 Closing Balance
This shows the funds that are left on the landlord’s account at the end of the statement. This includes any interest earned, funds on account for works and float withheld.


 Float Held
This shows the float amount that currently is being held by the agent, usually for future invoices


 Reserve Funds
Funds retained against a specific works order in anticipation of the work being completed and the invoice received.


 Pending Invoices
Invoices that have been raised but have yet to receive payment for. If there is a pending invoice on any property at the time the statement is generated, this will appear here.


Highlights all invoices raised against the landlords. This section provides more information on the invoices that also appear in the payments section of the statement. It also provides an invoice number for the landlords to use for accounting purposes. It is not a duplicate or additional charge.


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