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Landlord Identification Requirements

Providing Identification for Landlords

Under the provisions of The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and the Money Laundering Regulations 2007, it is a legal requirement that the agent must be able to identify their client. Therefore, all Landlords/legal owners of the property must provide Thornley Groves with their proof of identity and proof of address to be held on file, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679). Where there are joint Landlords, a copy of the relevant identification for each Landlord will be required. Where the Landlord is a company, at least two directors, or a director and company secretary, must provide us with the relevant identification. The fact that you are being asked for these documents does not mean that you are suspected of money laundering and there should be no cause for concern.
You are required to provide us with one document from each of the lists below. Please note that you cannot use the same document to confirm both name and address. For example, if you provide your driving licence as proof of your name you must provide another form of identification for your address, such as a utility bill.

Current Passport
Current UK driving licence (full or provisional) either full paper version or photo card
Firearms Certificate
National identity card bearing a photograph
Residence Permit issued by the Home Office
PROOF OF ADDRESS (Cannot be the same address as the property being rented)
Current UK driving licence (full or provisional) either full paper version or photo card
Utility bill issued within the last three months (gas, electric, satellite television or landline phone bill)
Local Authority Council tax bill for the current tax year
Bank, Building Society or Credit Union statement or passbook dated within the last three months

If the person instructing the Agent is not the legal owner or the sole legal owner of the Property, they must have written consent to act on behalf of and authority to let the Property from all Persons with a beneficial interest. The Landlord, named on the signed Agreement, must obtain expressed written consent from all Parties and all associated documentation such as; Power of Attorney, Lasting Power of Attorney, Trust Deeds and identification for all Parties concerned. This includes Joint Owners, Trustees and all Persons with beneficial interest and all supporting documentation needs to be provided to the Agent as proof of authority to instruct

It is possible for the owner of a property to be defrauded by another person, either by them obtaining a mortgage on the property or by them selling it. To help prevent such instances arising, the HM Land Registry has introduced a system whereby the owner of a property, can register up to three addresses including an email address and an address abroad. We strongly advise all property owners to refer to the website of the HM Land Registry in order to obtain guidance notes and access to the relevant form

You are required to provide us with one document from the list below.

Correspondence from your mortgage lender including the latest mortgage statement issued for the last full year
Title deeds
Documentation relating to the ground rent if leasehold

Please be aware that a Tenancy cannot commence if Thornley Groves are not in receipt of ALL required identification documents.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your identification documentation please contact the Lettings Manager at any of our Thornley Groves branches for further assistance and guidance.

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