March 8, 2017 5:23 pm
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Everyone has different tastes and styles, however if you want to get the most out of your property sale, unfortunately those tastes could actually put buyers off. When trying to sell your home it is best to take the emotional element out of the sale and give the buyers what they want. Confused what might put buyers off? Well, here is a list that might help you get the most out of your investment!


Artex Ceiling

43% of Manchester residents think Artex Ceilings would put them off putting an offer on a home. Best to get the professionals in to remove it as there could be some asbestos too!


Removing period features

Especially in a period property, buyers love a period feature. Removing them could actually cost you more than just the renovation costs, in the long run!


Avocado Bathroom

It’s a huge draw back having an old fashioned bathroom so having just a plain white suite, although maybe a bit boring, will definitely increase your home’s saleability.


A Built in Bar

Over 33% of Manchester residents say that a Built-in-Bar would be a deal breaker, so why not demolish it, or just tone it down a bit with a bouquet of flowers or paint it in neutral colours.


Cluttered Outside Space

Outdoor space, especially in a city environment is like gold dust, so don’t put buyers off by making the space look smaller than it is. Tidy and clean outdoor spaces are a definite bonus!


Exposed satellite dishes

First impressions are everything, and if the first thing you see on a property is a huge satellite hanging above the front door then that doesn’t start the viewing on the right foot. Maybe worth moving to somewhere more discrete.


Built in wardrobes

They used to be the in thing, but unfortunately, they are not in fashion anymore. Try to get rid of the bridging cupboards and give the wall a lick of paint. That should do the trick!


Wood chip or textured wallpaper

This seems to be a major turn off for potential buyers, a feature wall can work well but it’s best you keep it a sleek and modern design.


Brightly coloured rooms

Neutral colours allow a buyer to imagine the house as a clean palette, which they can design to their preferences. If you bombard a buyer with your fuchsia pink walls than this makes it harder for them to imagine their furniture matching.


Less bedrooms

If you are thinking of converting two rooms into one large one or converting a bedroom into a bathroom then hold fire. It might work for you, but buyers judge a home on how many bedrooms there are. A two-bedroom house always sounds better than a one-bedroom house, even if that room is three times bigger.


PVC windows

Just like removing period features, PVC windows can look incompatible on a period property. Buyers can actually use these as an excuse to give a lower offer!


Fake grass

For families this might not be a problem but for some buyers, artificial grass just isn’t the same as the real thing!


Wood panelling

This is super easy to remove, or just paint over it in a neutral colour.


Heavily patterned carpet

You don’t want your buyers to miss all the lovely things your home has to offer them because they are distracted by a vibrantly patterned carpet. Let’s try to get their eye line off the floor.


Outdoor water features

They might seem cute at the time, but all that your buyers are thinking is, how much will it cost to maintain or remove?


This is just a small glimpse into what you can do to add value to your home and make it more saleable. However, this list is a good start and we can guarantee that if you take the advice then your property will be sold in no time!

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