August 17, 2016 11:52 am
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The Top Ten reasons why you should go managed with TG and how we earn our keep:

1. Quality Tenants– By conducting thorough reference checks we can make sure that we source our Landlords the best Tenants possible. Those Landlords that have been stung by a deadly Tenant in the past will know only too well the time, hassle, anguish and not to mention the cost, a bad Tenant can cause. As an experienced Lettings and Managing Agent we can spot the warning signs of a bad Tenant acting as a shield to protect our Landlords. Our aim is to provide Landlords with quality Tenants who pay on time, rent longer and put less wear and tear on the property.

2. Avoiding Legal Problems– We know our stuff when it comes to Landlord-Tenant laws, our management service avoids Landlords being put in a vulnerable position. We frequently attend property law conferences and are ARLA registered which means that we are always ahead of the game. All too often, Landlords react to an issue caused by a troublesome Tenant when it is too late. Unfortunately, this can have significant financial implications which can result in higher costs than the cost to have your property managed. We are a proactive Managing Agent who, through our wealth of knowledge, can nip issues in the bud before they snowball out of control.

3. Robust Rent Collection– Allow us to play bad cop to ensure that your rent is paid on time. We have a dedicated debt collection team who are all trained and experienced in collecting rent. All our correspondence is recorded which can be crucial should evidence need to be relied on in court.  We have those awkward conversations on the Landlord’s behalf. Our no nonsense professional approach has given us an excellent success rate which means our arrears are below industry standard. Non Managed Landlords are often drawn in by Tenant’s excuses as they pull on the Landlord’s heart strings which in most cases results in non-payment of rent and significant costs to the Landlord.

4. Evicting Tenants– We are on hand to serve any statutory notices, whether this be a Section 21 for possession, e.g. if you want to sell the property and require possession, or a Section 8, e.g. for non-payment of rent. It is imperative that notices are served correctly. If a Landlord fails to follow the legal guidelines, then it will result in the notice being invalid resulting in extra costs and lost time for the Landlord not to mention the inconvenience.

5. Maintenance– We have a team of Inspection Clerks who are trained to keep their eyes peeled for any maintenance issues that arise at the property. We keep on top of maintenance issues which results in happy Tenants, resulting in higher Tenant retention which is a saving to the Landlord, and protects your investment. We have an abundance of preferred contractors who are able to offer competitive pricing due to the volume of work we pass their way. All our contractors are insured and have a track record of high standard workmanship – we simply won’t accept anything less.

6. Less stress–  We recognise that a Landlord’s time is valuable. By managing the property, we take away the stress. We are the Tenants’ point of contact which means our Landlords avoid those late night calls, disruptions to family life and holidays etc. Many of our Landlords are overseas or live on the other side of the country. By instructing TG as your Managing Agent, you are not constrained to invest on your door stop, as we do all the hard work for you.

7. Your Account- We send you an easy-to-read, monthly statement which clearly shows all income and expenditure. Tax year statements are also available upon request.

8. Handling Security Deposits–  In accordance with legislation, if a Landlord fails to protect the deposit or provide the prescribed information within 30 days of receiving the deposit, this could potentially leave the Landlord in a very sticky legal situation.  Sounds scary doesn’t it?! As part of our managed service we serve the relevant prescribed information and protect the Tenants’ deposit via the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). This allows our Landlords and Tenants alike to have complete peace of mind. We have a team dedicated to carrying out final Checkout Inspections which means that Landlords are equipped with a detailed Checkout document in the event that proposed deposit deductions are disputed by the outgoing Tenant. Deposit disputes can be a time consuming and an emotionally charged issue. We take this out of your hands and reach a resolution on the managed Landlord’s behalf.

9. Tenancy Renewals– We are on the ball with Tenancy renewals. We notify Landlords and Tenants when a tenancy is due to come to an end. We always have the client’s best interests at heart and will review the current rental market rate to ensure you are getting the best return from your investment. All our Tenancy Agreements are sent via DocuSign (online signing system) to make this process as efficient as possible. Gone are the days of waiting for the postman!

10. Rental Guarantee Cover– We offer an additional Rent Guarantee service. Relax in the knowledge that your rent is protected and you will not be out of pocket. Our obligation to you is that in the event that there are any defaults in the payment of the rent (as set out in the Tenancy Agreement) by the Tenant(s)/Guarantor(s) within the tenancy, we will pay rent monthly, in arrears, as per the rent amount on the Tenancy Agreement, until vacant possession is gained.

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