March 22, 2017 11:12 am
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What do Estate Agents actually do?

It’s a good question and sat here in my lunch hour thinking about this in a nice city centre Italian restaurant, enjoying a delightful Sea Bass and glass of Sauvignon Blanc, I had to ask myself that question again…


There’s a misconception that Estate Agents rake in buckets full of cash and don’t work very hard for it. You might not be too surprised that I don’t agree with that view, as I can assure you we do a lot more than look at nice houses to earn our living.


Of course, I am not after a sympathy vote here as I probably wouldn’t get one anyway, but I am often asked by customers and friends “what do estate agents actually do?”. So, I would like to shed some light on what we do for a living, a living focused on helping you get the best return on probably your biggest financial investment in life.


We don’t work 24/7, like some of our competitors profess to do, but we work smart for seven days a week, often for 8-12 hours a day, to create the best opportunities for Sellers, Buyers, Landlords and Tenants.


Being a re-active Estate Agent is not good enough; you can’t just solely rely on incoming enquiries. You have to make the deal happen. Whether that is with a prospective Seller or Landlord, or to source them with Buyers and Tenants. Our job is about speculating a lot of our time to accumulate, for which we often wait 90 days to receive our commission for.


Too many wannabe Estate Agents fall at the first hurdle as they think this is going to be an easy ride; it isn’t. We handle the emotions of those who become emotionally engaged with the whole process of selling their property or moving house, for a mixture of good and unfortunate personal reasons. We have to work hard and, often, with a fair amount of rejection. We have to put a spring in our step when the going gets tough, for example, when you hear the word “No” multiple times a day it can become demoralising, however, we have to lift ourselves above this and continue to work at achieving the “Yes” instead. So, to be an Estate Agent you have to resilient, hardworking, reliable and honest. Yes, honest!


We take a lot rejection on the chin and move on, but why? Well, we love our jobs, we love the excitement of winning a new client, we love the challenge of putting a deal together and we love the satisfaction of achievement, an achievement that our customers get from doing business with us. This is what makes us tick, so when you think we swan around in our fancy cars, nice suits and enjoy long lunches (in the city!) then you might just be surprised to find out that this is a luxury we might just enjoy occasionally.


So the next time you decide which Agent you want to deal with, don’t just go for the highest valuation and lowest fee. Think about it, these guys are going to looking after your biggest asset. Make sure you pick an Estate Agent that is interested in helping you, wants to work in your interests and wants to work hard to prove a point to you, because there is a lot more to it than sticking a board up and posting an advert on the internet.


If you are interested in becoming an Estate Agent why not take a look on our careers page for the latest vacancies we have (http://www.thornleygroves.co.uk/careers/);  but please note, the swanky Italian restaurant I claimed I was sat in, wasn’t quite what it was. A tuna butty and bottle of water at my desk, looking at the criteria of my Buyers and Tenants, was more in keeping with the truth!


Written By Andrew Seldon



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