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Top Tips for Sellers – Property Viewings

November 17, 2021 10:54 am
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Top Tips for Sellers – Property Viewings


Getting prospective buyers to view your property is only the first step- you then need to wow them with spotless presentation. They don’t want to imagine how perfect it could be; they want to see it! 

Here’s our tips make sure you show your home at its absolute best:




Buyers want to imagine themselves in your home, so it’s best if they see your home without any distractions. Busy rooms can feel smaller than they are, and can distract viewers from the room’s best features. We advise filling up 3-4 boxes of things you won’t need until after the move, and hiding them out of sight.




These rooms are often seen as the most important in the house. Ensure all surfaces are polished in both rooms, and put fresh towels and air fresheners out in the bathroom. In the kitchen, put away any unnecessary appliances and make sure the oven is sparkling.




Whilst buyers may choose to redecorate, they will still be picturing themselves in a house that’s clean. It’s important to ensure the house is neat and tidy as it shows you are a serious seller. Dust those shelves, clean those windows and be sure to eliminate any animal odours from your home.




Seeing your personal items around the house will make it harder for buyers to imagine it as their potential home. To show the use of the space, you can replace a photo frame with a mirror- something every buyer will make use of. Or why not replace a photo with a picture of a local landmark to show viewers the area they could be living in?




First impressions count: fix any broken gates, weed the path and paint the fence. If you’re selling in Spring or Summer, make sure the lawn is mowed and the hedges have been trimmed. Also, don’t forget to leave the keys for all your doors for the viewing!

This applies to front lawns too. Buyers will make a decision about your home in the first few seconds that they see it, so make sure it’s perfect – and make sure the house number is visible!

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