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Your to-do list is overflowing during moving week and the last thing you are thinking about is what you should eat for dinner each day. Let us take the stress out of feeding your family with these simple meals which will get you through that first week in your new home! You don’t particularly have to do it in this order or have to follow the recipes step by step, however this should give you an idea of what to do and save you some time (and money).

Monday: Pesto Pasta

Let’s not start the week too complicated. Boil some pasta, add a lug of pesto and you have a meal. Spice it up with some chopped tomatoes, spring onions and parmesan, salt, pepper and lemon juice and you have a tasty meal!

Tuesday: Chilli con Carne

You only need one pot for this so no need to get your whole kitchen unpacked before starting this one. Start with a splash of olive oil and brown the mincemeat. Add some finely chopped bell pepper and leek and some garlic. Wait till it’s soft and add a tin of tomatoes and a pack of chilli con carne spices (you can get this in any supermarket). Serve and add a dollop of sour cream and cheese and you have yourself a tasty warm treat! If you need something extra with it, get a microwave pack of rice and stick that in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Wednesday: Stir Fry

Whether it’s a chicken or prawn stir fry, just make sure it is packed with lovely veggies and mouth-watering noodles! Fry your chicken/prawns, add the veggies and wait till soft. Boil some noodles and add to your pan along with stir fry sauce bought at the supermarket!

Thursday: Sandwich with Chips

You can be as experimental and adventurous as you like with these sandwiches! Maybe you like something simple like ham and cheese or if you have already gotten most your kitchen unpacked, why not treat yourself to a classic BLT! Either way, pair it with some oven chips and you have yourself a meal! On the other hand, if you feel the chips will be too much, swap it for a nice salad instead.

Friday: Baked Potato

Everyone likes their Baked Potato in their own special way. Whether it’s beans and cheese, or a tuna melt, get that potato in the oven/microwave and heat up those toppings. Pair it with some readymade coleslaw and you are well on the way to a full stomach.

Saturday: Omelette

Eggs are easy-peasy so whatever floats your boat you should do! Omelettes are easy and nutritious so get those eggs whisked with a bit of milk, salt and pepper and get it into frying plan along with a bit of feta, cherry tomatoes, onion and spinach. And bob’s your uncle!

Sunday: Salmon and Salad

There has been a lack of fish this week, unless you go for the prawn stir fry! Either way some extra seafood can be very welcoming, so why not steam some salmon in the oven and add a nice avocado salad. Take each salmon fillet and wrap each one separately in tin foil, leaving some space for steam to build up. Place a lemon or some garlic or rosemary (or all of it) into the foil package for extra flavour. Place in the oven on full whack for around 15/20 minutes. While that’s cooking away get a packet of prewashed lettuce, add some cucumber, some cherry tomatoes, a spring onion, chopped avocado, balsamic vinegar and olive oil (truffle oil if you’re feeling posh). Give it a good toss and there you have it! Why not adds some olives to your salad, if you’re an olive lover like me!

If you have any other suggestions which you think should be shared, feel free to tweet us on @thornleygroves and we hope this helps you get through those first few nights!

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