November 16, 2016 3:38 pm
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On the first day of buying Thornley Groves said to me ‘let’s find out what your budget will be’

  • The very first thing a buyer must consider when purchasing is budget and ensuring that there are cash funds or a mortgage in place, ready to proceed, when the right property comes up. We have a number of very helpful, independent brokers, from Lomond Capital, who offer free appointments and have access up to 90 lenders on the market! Our advisors will be able to provide you with a mortgage in principle with the best rates and will also confirm the exact budget you can search within.

On the second day of buying Thornley Groves said to me ‘are you looking for two bedrooms or three?’

  • There are a number of experienced Sales Consultants at Thornley Groves across our ten offices, who are available to discuss your specific search criteria and provide you with details of various available properties that you may be interested in.

On the third day of buying Thornley Groves said to me ‘let’s discuss which properties you’d like to see’

  • Our consultants will then arrange viewings at any of the properties you are interested in and provide any additional information you require.

On the fourth day of buying Thornley Groves said to me ‘let me know your offer and I’ll ask the vendor if they’ll agree’

  • Once you have found your dream property, we will put the offer forward to the vendor and negotiate the sale price on your behalf, ensuring all parties are happy with the final price agreed.

On the fifth day of buying Thornley Groves said to me ‘I’ll ask the solicitor to quote you their fee’

  • We work very closely with various reputable solicitors’ firms, who offer competitive rates and provide a superior service. Once the sale has been agreed, we can ask solicitors to provide you with a quote and then it is up to you to make the decision of who to instruct to progress your purchase!

On the sixth day of buying Lomond said to me ‘let’s discuss who the best lender for you will be’

  • Our financial advisors will then arrange an appointment with you to progress your mortgage application and decide on the best lender for your specific purchase, based on your financial position. Once you have decided on a suitable lender, your Broker will then advise you on what fees are payable. Usually the banks will request payment for the mortgage valuation from the outset upon submitting your full application.

On the seventh day of buying my solicitor said to me ‘Please pay for searches and the rest, I’ll oversee’

  • Once your solicitor has been instructed, you will then need to pay for searches. These can cause a delay within the conveyancing process and the sooner they are paid for, the quicker the searches can be requested and the less delays you will encounter. Our Sales Consultants will also oversee the sale from the date it is agreed, up until completion.

On the eighth day of buying my solicitor said to me ‘I’ve had a response to the last enquiry’

  • Once your solicitor has received search results, there may be a number of enquiries raised in relation to the property and the corresponding lease. The vendor’s solicitor will then respond to these enquiries and once your solicitor receives a satisfactory response, they can provide the report for you to review.

On ninth day of buying my solicitor said to me ‘the contracts are complete, so have your pen at the ready’

  • After reviewing the contract provided by your solicitor, you will need to sign the contract papers and return them to your solicitor.

On the tenth day of buying my solicitor said to me ‘we are ready to exchange, so please transfer the money’

  • An exchange and completion date will then be set. If you are buying using cash funds, exchange and completion can take place simultaneously. However, if you are purchasing with a mortgage, you will need to transfer your deposit funds to your solicitor for exchange and they will then draw down funds from your lender in readiness for completion, which can take up to five working days.

On the eleventh day of buying Thornley Groves said to me ‘your sale has completed and you can collect your key!’

  • As soon as we have received confirmation from the solicitors that completion has taken place, our consultants will contact you to confirm and have your keys ready for collection.

On the twelfth day of buying Thornley Groves said to me ‘do you need someone to manage your property?’

  • If you are purchasing for investment, we offer a full letting and management service to help you get the best out of your property. We have a dedicated lettings and property management department, with specific teams of experts, dedicated to providing the best service to all landlords and offering the most competitive rates.

Why not contact us today and allow us the opportunity to help you on your journey to buying, and put our skills to the test!

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