January 11, 2017 5:09 pm
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 If you are a prospective Tenant looking for rented accommodation, then do consider asking these questions.

 Is the property managed by the agent or the Landlord direct?

This is important to know who you will be dealing with throughout the tenancy.

 How long has the property been on the market for? Has the property had many viewings/interest?

You will get a good idea of other interest levels and if there has been other people that have put offers forward too.

 Is the property in a good location? Where are the nearest transport links?

As you are already viewing the property, hopefully you will already know this information but if you moving to the area or unsure the agent should know this information for you.

 Will the property be cleaned prior to moving in?

This might be something you expect to happen but unless specifically requested, might not happen. Therefore, it is always best to double check!

 What is the rental process and if I liked the property what is the next step?

It is always good to have an idea of how to get the ball rolling if you would like to proceed with the property, so knowing what the next step is the right place to start!

 What are the application fees?

Different agents charge different application fees, they should be advertised with the property but it is good to check so you can budget for these. These are to cover the reference checks and tenancy documents etc.

 What white goods are staying? What furniture will be staying?

It is always good to ensure you know exactly what furniture and white goods will be staying in the property so you can plan accordingly. Some properties might have a washing machine but no fridge or freezer – these are all things you can negotiate at the offer stage.

 When is the property available to move in?

This is always good to check as often the properties will be tenanted or the Landlord might be planning work to be completed between tenancies.

 Are there any restrictions for Sky/Virgin or broadband providers?

Some buildings or management companies have certain restrictions on the property for installing sky dishes or having cables drilled through the walls etc, therefore if you are specially wanting a TV or internet provider it is best to confirm you can have this first.

 How much is the deposit and where does it go?

Different agents charge varying security deposits amounts and register them with different schemes, consequently it is always best to check.

 Are there are unusual circumstances about the property or exclusions? For example, can the loft/cellar/garage be used?

Sometimes not all of the property is included in the tenancy, therefore if it’s important to you make sure you check before you agree a rental on the property.

 Is there parking for the property? If so, is it allocated?

Always best to check, especially if it is not allocated and therefore not a guaranteed parking space.



 If you are a prospective home owner looking for your first home or even an investment property, then do consider asking these questions.

 Is the property owner occupied or tenanted?

Properties vary as to the status of the occupier. It can either be the owner of the property who is currently living there or indeed it can be rented out – these can both have an effect on time scales so it is worth finding out.

 If tenanted, when is the tenant moving out?

If the property is tenanted, you will need to establish when the tenant is contracted in the property until. For example, if you are viewing a property where the tenant is in the property for another 4 months, you will have to wait that long to complete if you are purchasing with a residential mortgage. Of course if it’s an investment for yourself, you will have a buy to let mortgage, which allows you to complete with a tenant in situ.

If owner occupied, are they in a chain or are they able to move elsewhere?

Some owners will look to tie in their onward purchase with the sale, so this may well delay things based on other people’s situation in the chain. However, if they are able to move elsewhere, it will free up the sale to happen whenever solicitors are ready to complete.

 How much is the service charge and ground rent?

On leasehold properties, the service charge and ground rent can vary considerably. This will of course be an outgoing you will have to account for – and also one which your mortgage advisor will need to know – so it’s important to establish this from the outset.

 How long is left on the lease?

Again, should the property be leasehold, it’s important to find out how long the lease is on the property. See our previous blog on lease length to find out more!

 Have there been any other offers?

In the current market, there are often numerous interested parties, so ask your agent if any offers are already on the table so you can see what you’re up against!

 Do they allow pets?

In a lot of apartment blocks, the management company won’t allow pets! In the instance where you need this to be allowed, ask your agent for advice and they will be able to find out if it’s allowed or not!

 Does it have allocated parking, if so where is it located?

Parking locations vary, particularly for apartments, but also sometimes with houses! Is the parking on road permit parking? Or is there a separate gated car park? This may have an impact on the accessibility – so it’s important to find out!


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