Why NOW is a good Time to SELL your Property

October 20, 2009 12:38 pm
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Why NOW is a good Time to SELL your Property

We have been saying for months that now is a great time to sell fuelled by a combination of stock shortage and an increase in active buyers.

Now the research teams at 3 of the leading National UK housing market forecasters, Rightmove, Knight Frank and Savills,  have all concluded exactly what we told you about 3 months ago !

 Why did we at Thornley Groves think it was a great time to sell 3 months ago and why do we think it is still a great time to sell?

 Buyers are starved of fresh stock because owners have been put off from marketing their home for various reasons – fear of not being able to obtain a mortgage, fear that their home may not achieve the kind of price they expect, or even need to cover the mortgage, fear that they may lose their job along with all the other economic concerns, not wanting to increase overheads even if they did want to move upmarket. For those trading down, often nearing retirement age, they have been putting off taking their home to the market as the proceeds of sale have been earmarked to fund retirement and why sell when the market is down; why not put off the sale for another year and hope they will achieve more. Even the casual sellers have been put off from placing their homes on the market speculatively because of the cost of a Home Information pack (HIP).

So where are the buyers coming from? First time buyers have been much more active, many being helped out with deposits by parents taking advantage of lower asking prices and there has also been a shift in the mindset of affluent tenants being tempted out of rented properties for the same reason.

Why should you act now and place your home on the market in the autumn or winter? This supply and demand imbalance won’t last forever and we think the ratio will move back into equilibrium by the spring, when traditionally more homes come to the market. In short we think it will be easier to find a buyer for your home today.

If you’re thinking of selling and you’d like a FREE valuation on your home without obligation, click http://www.thornleygroves.co.uk/valuation-request/  You may be surprised at the price we can secure for you and the speed we can find you a buyer. If you wait for the spring like everyone else, there will be more competition and this may even cause downward pressure on prices.

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