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The following form encompasses the various payments that can be made to Thornley Groves. Please read carefully the detail required and once completed you will be directed to the secure payment page in order for you to enter your card details;

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Terms and Conditions for payments made online
Online payments are non-refundable, with the exception of incorrect amounts being paid or overpayments. In the event an incorrect payment or overpayment is made, Thornley Groves will re-patriate such monies within 7 working days. Landlords and Tenants in particular, should check our fee schedule as detailed within the ‘Landlord` and/or ‘Tenant` sections of this website, if you are unsure about the value of the payment you are about to make.
Please note all of the company contact details are listed within the ‘Contact` section of this website.
No charges are incurred for payments by debit or credit card.

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