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How to make the most of a city garden

February 2, 2022 5:01 pm
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How to make the most of a city garden

Gardens add significant value to a city property and, with home outdoor space being more important than ever, making full use of your greenery is crucial. Our team give us their top tips on how to get the most out of your garden:


Create an extra living space

City gardens don’t often have much soil and, when they do, it’s always not in the best nick and takes quite a bit of work to maintain. You can cut all this out by installing decking. It’s much easier to maintain and, because it adds an extra living space, potentially increases the value of a property by 10%.

You can do so much with decking, such as erecting hanging chairs and other furniture, and adding a firepit for night time. Effectively, it expands your home and doesn’t usually take up a lot of your garden. As an added benefit, timber is eco-friendly.


Build a bird sanctuary

If you love wildlife, it’s easy to transform your garden into a sanctuary for our flying friends. Laying out different bird feeds is an easy way of attracting many species to your garden, and placing wooden homes on bird tables or tree branches will provide homes in times like winter or poor weather in general.

Nearly 30% of UK birds are threatened by extinction and the possibility of dramatic weather events increasing due to climate change, supplying extra food and fitting bird homes with snug materials could truly help local bird populations grow again.


Grow your own fruit and veg

After the stock shortages of last year, the number of people setting up allotments to healthy food has increased, but your garden is just as good a location as any – just make sure you have a rich patch of soil that receives direct sunlight.

Growing foods like potatoes, tomatoes, berries and even courgettes at home is cheaper than buying them from a supermarket. Use raised soil beds to ensure your produce is of top quality.


Ponds attract life

Just like birds, our neighbours on the ground also need care. All gardens are full of life – they just need some TLC to flourish. Building a water feature or pond in your green space will do exactly that and it is much easier than you’d think.

Mark out an area you want to convert, remove the turves, dig at small angles to prevent cliffs and maintain shallow area prominence, go down a maximum of 30cm in depth in the middle, add in the liner, and you’re all but ready to go.

Wild-sourced plants attract wildlife, so find some and fill your pond with fresh water, perhaps add some stones or rocks around the edge for style, and watch as your garden is transformed into a hotspot for newts, frogs and other little creatures.


Home bar

The pond and wildlife are often ones for the kids, but this is definitely one for the adults. Spending a night in the pub with your friends can cost a fair bit these days, so bring the party back to your garden instead.

Make it as straight-forward or extravagant as you like – impressive doesn’t have to mean expensive. Many garden bars are made of repurposed materials and objects like barrels and pallets, yet others are taken straight from a home chef’s dream kitchen. Simple can be setting up a bar top and stools from the furniture store, and extravagant can be to repurpose your old shed and transform it into your dream night in. Add some chairs, maybe a pool table or dartboard and a book collection, and you’re all set.


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