Time to Make your Move?

October 7, 2009 3:02 pm
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Time to Make your Move?

High Value Homes are Moving Again !


After a slow 18 months the middle and top end of the housing market is moving again, we saw signs of the market recovering in terms of volumes of sales being agreed as long ago as March this year, but the activity seemed to be limited to first and second time buyer homes. However after 6 consecutive months of increased sales the activity has slowly but steadily shifted up the value range, so much so that many properties  in the £800k to £1.5m bracket have started to move again. If there is a common theme its that the asking prices now reflect the vendors expectations and these have come down by as much as 20% to 25% since the peak of August 2007. bowgreen

Only last week contracts were exchanged on the delightful family home (pictured above) in Bowdon, it started out over a year ago at £1,600,000 but as the owner became more serious about moving realising that the price is relative to whatever can be bought with the proceeds of sale, the asking price was reduced to £1,400,000 and very quickly after a sale was agreed the buyer can be sure that he has bought at a competitive price and the seller has been able to pass on the perceived loss by buying an equally well priced home that being sold at a reduced price to its peak August 2007 value.

After all it’s the cost of change that matters and as the prices have stabilised for more than 6 months now buyers are more willing to proceed. The problem is stock levels, many home owners still believe the market is bad and their chances of agreeing a sale a slim and so they are not listing their property and seem to be putting off their move until next year, it is this very attitude of mind that is creating a shortage of quality homes to the market place and has contributed to stabilising prices because of a shortage of supply.

 If you’re currently trying to sell your home and would like a second opinion on current market value we’d be delighted to advise you, without charge or obligation, call 07802 941 411 or click here http://www.thornleygroves.co.uk/valuation-request/  To avoid paying two fees you should check your current agents contract terms before instructing an additional or replacement agent.

Meanwhile if you’re one of the many still putting off your house move because you think the timing is wrong, think again, marketing now when there are fewer homes for sale could enable you to achieve a higher price than you imagined and in a shorter time frame, for a no obligation opinion on the current market value of your home and to discuss possible marketing strategy as well as setting out your purchasing criteria again call 07802 941 411 anytime or click here http://www.thornleygroves.co.uk/valuation-request/

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