New Thornley Groves Office Heralds Seismic shift in City Centre Property Marketing

April 18, 2010 5:10 pm
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New Thornley Groves Office Heralds Seismic shift in City Centre Property Marketing

Thornley Groves Manchester City Centre John Dalton Street Ext1Thornley Groves are  just days away from opening our ground breaking new office in Central Manchester and have already had vendors and landlords clambering to be amongst the first to take advantage of our brand new marketing initiative to make their property stand out from the crowd.

 “What exactly is it?” you ask, that will enable us to do things differently……’s a video wall over 3 meters tall and a meter wide that will play day and night to the thousands of passersby on John Dalton Street, one of Manchester City Centres busiest thoroughfares featuring the superb developments that exist in and around the city centre.

 Flat screen marketing for property has been around a long time; agents all over the world have used plasma screens to showcase their stock for some years now but we believe TGTV is entirely different and really lends itself to the type of residential property available to buy or rent in Manchester city centre.

 In the suburbs there are streets and streets of houses – Terraced, Semis, Detached, old and new, they’re all differentThornley Groves Estate Agent Manchester City Centre John Dalton Street Int2 and you need to see photos both inside and out to understand if you’re going to like them.

 In the City the buildings themselves are Brands and we want to showcase them and their unique features to open them up to all those people who pass them without ever understanding what they have to offer. What does the building itself stand for? What type of people live there?

 Manchester has some wonderful Iconic Developments, buildings like the Hacienda, Number One Deansgate, LeftBank and Beetham Tower standing proud alongside the Grand Old Dames of the city like Smithfield Buildings, Chepstow House, Century Buildings and Chorlton Mill.

 Trend setting schemes like Timber Wharf in Castlefield, Chips in Ancoats and Express Networks alongside the Northern Quarter have proved fertile enough to allow whole communities to spring up around them with shops, bars and leisure facilities.

 Manchester City Centre Thornley Groves Estate Agents John Dalton Street Int1Our Video wall will enable us to show case the buildings and the unique facets of their little corner of town, it will help us to demonstrate why life in the city has attracted so many people, both young and old, escaping suburbia to enjoy all that the city has to offer.

 Buyers and Tenants want to express their personalities by the building they live in, they want to emulate the admirable, they want to be gregarious, sociable and hospitable and we can show them how to achieve all those things through the home they choose to live in.  

 Our new office won’t have A4 sheets of paper in the window with pictures of the same buildings with different kitchens featuring tea towels on ovens and bikes on balconies. We want to show Buyers and Tenants the best that Manchester has to offer, it is the buildings themselves and what’s around them that attracts people and not a photograph of someone else’s double bed.

 The best way to market City Centre property is to highlight the appealing features of the developments themselves instead of blandly describing the accommodation. At Thornley Groves we will achieve this by pulling together all of the property we market through our FOUR city centre offices and feature them on the big screen in our new office in John Dalton Street.

 If you own and want to rent or sell a property in one of Manchester’s Iconic Residential Developments, you need anManchester Estate Agents Thornley Groves John Dalton Street Ext2 agent that’s going to demonstrate to buyers and tenants why it’s great to live there, why you bought it, after all you thought about your decision long and hard, you made a choice and you now need an agent that understands Manchester Property to highlight those advantages to the next occupier.

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