Sell Your Home in Just One Week!

June 11, 2010 10:35 am
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Sell Your Home in Just One Week!

Property pundits have been proved wrong again with the completion of the sale of a home in Hale village, at a recordp006685_01high pre-financial crisis price, by Thornley Groves, the leading Hale Estate Agent.

The Beech Road property, a beautiful terraced home in the heart of Hale village, was sold for £345,000 in less than a week of being placed on the market. The sale just beats the record high for properties on Beech Road set by Thornley Groves in 2007, prior to the period of mortgage illiquidity brought about by the financial crisis.

There was obviously no shortage of buyers for the house on Beech Road, with the leading Hale Estate agents arranging 5 viewings within the first 48 hours of it coming to the market.

Despite the recent period of property market adjustment in the U.K., there remains a strong interest in properties for

Beech Road Hale Kitchen

Beech Road Hale Kitchen

sale in Hale and Manchester property in general, as explained by Glyn Reacroft, Manager of the Hale branch of Thornley Groves Estate Agents:

“Thornley Groves maintains a strong list of registered purchasers – and with a flow of interest like that you are always going to be confident of strong sales,” said Reacroft. “However, the sale of the Beech Road property is unique in that it not only represents a return to the strong prices of the market high two years ago, but actually beats them. This is a very positive sign for the market.”

Properties for sale in Hale and indeed those across the entire U.K. market look set to be spurred even further with the abolition of Home Information Packs (HIPs). With this crucial move the bar to marketing your home has been lifted, which means that at last the Manchester property market can start to function normally again.

As Managing Director, Michael Groves, was recently quoted as saying in the Manchester Evening News, Thornley

beech road hale bathroom

beech road hale bathroom

Groves Estate Agents feels very strongly that this move has come at the right time for the industry.

Promising as signs such as these may be, the world economic downturn and subsequent lack of market liquidity have undoubtedly taken their toll on the UK housing market in recent years. Here at Thornley Groves we appreciate these concerns and remain more dedicated than ever to helping you sell your home swiftly and for the right price. Our dedication to this goal is confirmed by our client and former owner of the Beech Road property, Julie A. Watson:

“Selling a house within ten days of the For Sale board going up with snow on the ground in the depths of winter was no mean feat, but Thornley Groves did it,” said Watson. “Arranging twelve viewings within ten days with carefully selected people – no time wasters – was no mean feat, but Thornley Groves did it. Thornley Groves did it because from start to finish they were friendly, helpful, courteous & totally professional. Nothing was too much trouble and unlike other companies, where the odd member of staff makes the difference, everyone at Thornley Groves is a team player.”

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