August 10, 2016 4:06 pm
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Selling your home? How can you get it ready for those hordes of viewers? Well, first and foremost, you need the RIGHT Estate Agent.

Selling your home is a stressful process and a huge financial decision. You need an Estate Agent who can guide you through the process, who has a proven track record with a strong local presence and a real handle on selling prices so that your property can be taken to the market at a realistic price to stimulate interest from day one.

The RIGHT Agent should:

– Invite you into their office and explain to you exactly how they are going to sell your house.

– Introduce you to the team who you will be liaising with.

– Explain the process of how they deal with offers and the progression of your sale to completion.

– Be available to accompany viewings in the evenings and weekends to accommodate the buyers who are unavailable during office hours. Viewings, viewings and more viewings sell houses!

Now you have the RIGHT Estate Agent. Here are our top tips to get House Ready for Action:

  1. First impressions count! Presentation is key! So clean that front door and wash those windows and window sills. You may not be the next Alan Titchmarsh but some pot plants and a hanging basket will help. Sweep the paths, mow the lawn, add a table and some chairs and even put a new number on the front door.
  2. Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!
  3. Give any tired areas a good lick of paint in a neutral colour.
  4.  Make sure all the light bulbs are working and fix the dripping tap.
  5.  A large mirror in the hall works wonders and will lighten up any dark hallway.
  6. Think fresh and clean – get some plugins to give a fresh aroma and add a bunch of flowers.
  7. Clear all worktops in the kitchen and make sure that the draining area is completely free – clean that oven!
  8. Make sure that the bathroom is sparkling!!! Always ensure the toilet seat is down, there are lovely fresh laundered towels and clear the toiletries and the children’s toys away.
  9. Make sure you get a ‘For Sale’ board. Sale boards are one of the best marketing tools available as they are outside your property advertising your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and a great way of getting the buyers through the door.
  10. Finally – you love your pets but your potential buyers may not; if possible make sure your home is an animal free zone for viewings as we certainly don’t want to frighten off a good buyer.

Remember it’s the viewings that sell the house!  On average a viewing only takes approximately 10 minutes and this is your time to shine!

Now that your House is Ready for Action, instruct your chosen Estate Agent and get yourself noticed.   

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