August 24, 2016 12:34 pm
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Bills, Bills, Bills!


Are you a student, or are you moving out your parents’ house this year? It’s daunting, we know! And one of the most nerve-racking and confusing things is sorting out your bills. They don’t teach these things in school even though they should really! No worries, we are here to lend a helping hand. It is your responsibility to pay your bills during your tenancy so to help you set this up correctly, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide below:

Council Tax

Council Tax is a tax that goes towards paying for many council services such as the police/fire services, rubbish collection, maintenance of roads and bridges and the upkeep of parks, open spaces and galleries.  If you’re a student, you will be exempt of Council Tax. Lucky you! However, you do need to inform the Council and prove that you are a Student. This is an easy process and the University will be happy to help by providing you a letter which proves you are a student studying at the University.

Visit the following website for more information on what you need to pay towards Council tax:

If you’re not a student, then you need to contact the Council and inform them that you’ve moved into the area. They use your address to find out what Tax Band you are part of. This will determine what you pay. You will be able to set up an online account and pay through direct debit if you like. Also, if you think you could get a reduction because of disability or because you are the only resident living in the house then there are forms for that too.

If you are a Manchester Resident, please visit the following link and fill in the form online:

If you are a Salford Resident, please visit the following link and fill in the form online:

If you are a Trafford Resident, please visit the following link and fill in the form online:

If you have any more questions concerning Council Tax, then feel free to contact your Council directly.


Gas and Electricity

During your tenancy you will have to pay for the Gas and Electricity you use. In order to set this up, firstly you need to find out who your Gas and Electricity provider is. Please contact your Agent for this information.

The first thing that you should always do when your tenancy starts is to visit your property to collect your meter readings, even if this isn’t move-in day. Then you should call your provider and inform them that you have moved into the property and what the meter reading was on the day your tenancy started. They will then give you a few options depending on what offers they can give you.

If you are not happy with the current provider, you have the possibility to change provider – subject to contract. They all offer competitive prices and tariffs, and will be happy to explain these to you in more detail. The main six Energy Companies that you can use are:

British Gas – 0800 048 0202

Eon Energy – 0345 059 9905

Scottish Power – 0800 027 0072

Southern Electric (SSE) – 0800 980 8476

EDF – 0800 096 4063

Npower – 0800 073 3000

You can find more information about all these companies and even compare the deals on offer using a comparison website online.



While in the property you will be using water to bathe, wash dishes and drink. This water must be paid for. Most of the North West uses United Utilities as their water provider and so we would advise that you contact them as soon as your tenancy starts in order to organise how you will pay this bill. Some properties have a water meter and some don’t so if you know this, then have this handy when you contact them. For more information, please visit:


TV Licence

You will need a TV licence. Visit for more information on how to pay this.



As a student you will almost definitely need internet during your studies. And if you’re not a student then you will need it in order to watch the endless amount of cat videos on YouTube!  In order to get this in your home you will have to contact an Internet provider and get a router set up. This can take some time so we advise that you get onto this as soon as possible. The main companies which offer competitive internet packages are:

TalkTalk – 0870 444 1820

Sky – 0800 151 2747

BT – 0800 800 150

Virgin Media – 0345 454 1111

PlusNet – 0800 432 0200

Many packages can include telephone and television deals and so it is worth shopping around and finding the best deal for you.

Wow that’s a lot of organising to do! Better get on it! If you need any extra information then feel free to give us a call on 0161 245 1117 and we can point you in the right direction.

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