42 Homes For Sale at Less than £100k each !

February 24, 2010 7:33 pm
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42 Homes For Sale at Less than £100k each !


If you’re looking to spend £100,000 or less then look no further, as at today we have 42 properties For Sale that meet your budget.


Admittedly 6 are retirement homes where the buyer needs to be aged 55 or over and 4 are shared equity propositions but the other 32 are houses, apartments and flats for you to buy in the South Manchester Suberb of Sale and in and around Manchester City Centre, suitable for anyone who wants to buy them.


So whether you’re a first time buyer, a last time buyer, an investor looking for a buy to let or an existing home owner looking to buy for less than you’re selling for then search here http://www.thornleygroves.co.uk/search-buy/  to find out what we have available.

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