Moving home?

Make March A Move Month 4U!

Take a look at how you can receive a significant contribution to your legal selling costs, when you instruct us to sell a property in March!

Here are the corresponding terms and conditions;

  • Thornley Groves needs to receive your instructions to sell your home, or indeed, any type of property in the month of March.
  • Instructions in the City Centre are on a ‘sell` only basis and for all other instructions you will also need to purchase a property through us; the legal contract to sell must correspond with the legal contract to buy. It is not necessary to complete these transactions simultaneously. Discretion of our respective Managers can be exercised if timings are not quite simultaneous.
  • The promotion is not time sensitive in terms of contract or legal completion.
  • Thornley Groves will either pay £500 towards your legal selling costs, or deduct the same amount of money from your selling fee, net of VAT. You choose.
  • If we succeed in selling your property but you don’t succeed in finding a property to buy, we will honour this deal upon any future ‘sell and buy` transaction through us.